FANDOM has been a long time coming, but, out of the 2 Pokepastas that I have written, "Decisions" got the most negative feedback because of several issue. First, I had messed up some dates. I had Pokemon coming out in 1996 (which it did, only in Japan) rather than the US release of 1998.

Also, I was using improper names. RED was fine...but I changed BLUE's name to GREEN in order to remain accurate with the Japanese titles, Pokemon Adventured, and etc etc.

But there were also the more serious issues...the fact that I was trying to write in too much detail for a simple game that really only appeared in 2 colors at a time. I was trying to show details like blood and ripped clothing on a classic Red Version for the gameboy // so, I had to change it. Now the game is a FireRed Version, this allows there to be full color within the game, more detail can be used, and when I investigated the different hacks run off the engine that made FireRed, I noticed that tattered sleeves and pants can be implemented into such that made me happy.

For the blood issue I just used typical Pasta reference to "pixelated blood" or "dotted" blood point in erasing it and trying to figure out something that is new. Some sections of the Pasta got erased, others were merely enhanced and etc etc etc.

So...hopefully this fixes a lot of errors with "Decisions", for those asking whether or not I will be editing "Reign of Sin", I will not be doing that because I think that it is fine as-is. Other than that...I am doing some Pokepasta Readings on my YouTube Channel in leu of Halloween, so, if you want your Pasta read then make sure you let me know so I can get that done :)

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