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Have you ever heard of the term 'Genwunner'? If you're a huge Pokemon fan and span across multiple group forums and websites then you have heard of them and know what I mean when I call them a 'pure annoyance'.

Genwunners are a group of Pokemon fans whose fanbase ends after the first Generation. They claim that anything after Gen1 is NOT Pokemon, that the addition to the series was too much, that ideas are slowly becoming worse and worse, and that the Pokemon fanbase is merely concerned about money at this point because it keeps making games (they do not believe that GameFreak is doing it for the fans).

I myself have not run into many Genwunners...only occasionally do I have to listen to their rants about how stupid some Pokemon are, as if Voltorb and Magnemite were the most creative inventions on this planet. Rather than play Pokemon with an open mind and accept new ideas, Genwunners are the official trolls of the true Pokemon fanbase (in my eyes).

Note that everyone has their own little opinion when it comes to Pokemon. I myself am not a huge fan of the 5th Generation merely because the fire starter (Tepig) came off as such a huge disappointment to me (I normally start with fire but Tepig was so...unappealing to me that I started with Oshawott instead) that and I too was not too fond of Pokemon resembling things such as trashbags and ice-cream cones. Granted, I know that all series has its flaws, has its problems, and has things we do not like about it. Sometimes we will not like the mini-games or other wifi features, sometimes we will not like certain Pokemon, Sometimes we might consider the game too complex or even 'fprgettable' because it may lack story and be too easy.

I recently got into a discussion forum about Hoenn Remakes (I started the thread) and most people who were against the remake complained of the game being forgettable and also that the map was too complex with all the diving, surfing, and etc that was involved. They left out all the good things and merely focused on the bad, but all-in-all, that was their opinion. Their negative outlooks still came nowhere close to the extremist views of the Genwunners. that I am done ranting about Genwunners being close-minded idiots at times...I can end this blog....for now.

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