So...I havent been here in awhile and a friend recently got me back on Wiki to develop on her personal project.

Somehow I remembered my old account login info...and well, here I am?

It's weird...I have not been here in forever, and I know that some of you guys felt like I abandoned you. So, guess I should kinda explain what was happening and what was going on? Also why I left?

So...this Wiki was getting crazy. At the time, I did not have Admin abilities, Trolls were running rampant, and I was getting stressed out. People were stealing my story and claiming it as their own, and after awhile I started giving up. I felt like the only one really building the Wiki and it kinda took over my life for awhile...and I guess personal reasons had me down as well.

I was living in Germany at the time, and while I am now settled back in the USA, well, I'm not sure whether this is something I could dedicate time to or not. But you know what? We will see. So...hello for all you new people. I'm Mia and I was once super avid on getting this Wiki back into shape. And, for all the people who know me...sorry I disapeared on you. And uh...I'm back? I guess?

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