Hello everyone!

I am barely ever on here anymore...and it is because I have been working my butt off (when I first joined this Wikia I had NO job which really explains a lot). But, the reason I am also really busy is that I have been working on my YouTube Channel which focuses on Retro Gaming.

You can find the Channel HERE // but anyways---

The Channel name is SamUtari and I do a bunch of different games ranging from random N64 games to GBA and even MMORPGs. Just wanted to let people know what has been going on with me. I am not going to promise getting on here more often as I always say that and never follow through with it. I will be on here occasionally when I need my Pokepasta Fix, OR when I am writing something.

As I said in the last blog, I did re-write "Decisions" as was requested of me by multiple people. Also, I am currently working on a new Pokepasta which I might try and finish within the week if I can figure out some of the major storyline twists.

I am interested to see what new things have been posted here and maybe I can find some new Pastas to paste here for whatever reason (to fill up the site a little more, I guess?).

Speaking of Pokepastas though...since I am doing the gaming-channel-thing, part of what I want to do on the Channel is I want to read Pokepastas. I have already read my "Reign of Sin" Pokepasta (though that was an old video and the quality is terrible), and plan to read Decisions...both the old version and the re-written version here soon.

IF you want me to read your Pokepasta...all you have to do is let me know ;)

The more content I have for my Channel, then, the better!

Anyways...see you around? Maybe?

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