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Look how far we have come since the black-and-white 8-bit days.

Hell, look at how far we have come since the original gameboy and 1997 as a whole (when Red and Blue versions were released---in case you young whippersnappers did not know). I meam, Pokemon has just changed so much. It is truly amazing the things we have accomplished since the first release in the United States.

I mean, from the terrible graphics in Red Version and Blue walking with Pokemon in Yellow Version. Then you had a phone and Pokegear in Gold Version (which also introduced new Pokemon and Color). In Crystal Version they amazed us with moving Pokemon Sprites in battle.

Then onto the GBA versions // we got a remake of the classic, then were given Ruby/Sapphire/and Emerald which then introduced us to Secret Bases, Game sync, Pokemon Contests, the Dive system, Running Shoes, and best of all: the ability to choose your gender!

Then we move onto the DS and everything we know about Pokemon changes. Again we have the moving avatars, but now we can use the internet to trade and battle pokemon on a glbal level. We got new Pokegear, some of which allowed you to have different apps that you could use, some that allowed global surbeys to be taken. We were given the pokemon dream world, mystery gift was back and we could get special event pokemon. We retained some great features from past games, and everything was rapidly changing, repeating, disappearing, and etc. It was so hard to keep up.

But now...not only are we getting a new Pokemon game with a new Region, new Pokemon, rideable pokemon, interactive surroundings, customizeable trainers, and more: but, we are getting it all in 3D~!!!! This is HUGE! So looking back from my time as a trainer from 1997-2013 this journey has been amazing, one I am proud to be part of. I only hope you feel just as amazed and excited as I do. :)

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