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I hope that all of you PokeFans have been keeping your eyes and ears open for all the news when it comes to the new Pokemon X&Y as well as the brand-new Pokemon Movie that is going to come out in the near future.

Anyways, what I am getting to is...there has been big news recently as the most recently revealed Pokemon seems to have already caused a division among fans. Is it a Mewtwo Form? Or is it Mewthree?

Nintendo released this image (down below) as well as gameplay footage on the mysterious being that is described as a "New Pokemon with a Familiar Look"---sadly though, this is the only information that The Pokemon Company has given us. We do not know its nature, it's origin, or its type (even though it is obvious that it will by a psychic/something).

Again, getting back to the point, this new Pokemon has caused a Division in fans. Everyone has split into one of two factions: either the ones that support this new image as a new Form of Mewtwo OR the faction that says that this will be Mewthree. then there is always that middle ground that claims that maybe Mewtwo evolves into this new Pokemon.

Either way, tensions have been high, and there seems to be no middle ground to stand on. Either you love this crature or you hate it, either you think it's a form or you think it's a brand-new Pokemon. I mean, The Pokemon even went about saying it was a NEW Pokemon with a Familiar look...not that it is an FAMILIAR Pokemon with a NEW look (well now we see what side I am on anyways)...but I am personally hoping that it is NOT a Form. I have never liked Forms, and it seems like they only make Pokemon more Complicated than it hasto be. Form-changes take time, and then changes up your whole strategy. Plus it just seems silly...kinda reminds me when they added Ritual Cards into Yu-Gi-Oh and then levels, and then all this other bullcrap that made the game more frustrating than ever and made it nearly impossible to enjoy anymore. I mean, I understand that Pokemon has been running out of new things for awhile now, and I like that they are tying older Generations into the new by bringing in this new Pokemon...but if it's a Form rather than something new altogether then they have ruined my childhood, they have ruined my personal love of Mewtwo and all his badassery.

But yeah...just thought I would bring this up to see what you all think :D

Have a good day Pasta Buddies~!!!

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