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I remember when I first saw Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire on the shelves at the local K-Mart...since I was still not fully linked into the World-Wide-Web, I had no idea that the new games were even coming out and/or had been out for some time.

I yelled and screamed at my Dad to get Ruby Version for me. It just looked so cool and I knew that if I walked out of the store without it, well, I would never get it (most likely), not until Christmas at least, and for someone my age (or the age I was at the time)---the holidays were FOREVER away!

Anyways, it cost me one-angry-poppa...but, we left the store with my Pokemon Ruby and after my eyes stopped sweling from how many tears I had shed against the glass of the game cabinet, I was finally able to play the game. I know that Gold Version will always be my favorite, and you can never truly beat the classics...but one thing is for certain: RUBY also captured my heart in ways that other games could not. Maybe it was just the fact that Altaria is totally kickass...or maybe it was the secret hideouts and the ability to mix records with your friends so you can battle them once a day (which was so fucking cool), that game had so many secrets to unlock, mysterious places to discover and then explore. Even after the Elite Four had already been beaten, the game still had plenty of content so that you never got bored with the campaign.

Still...we have our Gold and Silver Remakes for the DS (HeartGold & SoulSilver), what would you think about Ruby and Sapphire remakes? I mean, some people argue that this particular series never got popular enough, it never got enough attention to actually be made into something new. But, I beg to differ. I have seen many different groups based souly on the Ruby/Sapphire era of games and even if just a small majority liked the originals, chances are that a bunch of people would buy the remake.

The only problem is that the DS-era is now over and we are coming into the time of the 3DS. With Pokemon X&Y coming out in October, a new series like this would be even farther in the future, and even then, it's hard to imagine Hoenn as 3D. Ah well. I just saw the image and it got me thinking back to the old games and how a remake would totally make my day/year/whatever.

That's really all I have to share about this topic right now...but either way, I would love to see your comments and opinions about whether or not you think a remake will happen, what you would like to see in a remake, or even just your general opinion about the old Ruby/Sapphire games.

ttyl Wikia :D Stay awesome!!!

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