So...for those who have been chatting with me off-and-on, asking about advice for the wikia and etc...I have a new schedule as I will be starting work here very soon and will not be able to get on here very often.

I will tell you now that I will have every Sunday off, but because I may or may not have the other days off during the week, if you really want to reach me, then please leave a "talk" on my page, or if you think that it is really important, you can reach me via my e-mail at:

More good news is that hopefully I will have my DS working soon, and might be able to get some FC's up in here!!!

I have seen a lot of good stories up in here recently, and I will be working on my "pokeslender series" really soon. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to read all your new creations~!!! :D


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