Again, today I was actually going to focus on putting up some more Pokepastas...

Screenshot 1367861236

Training in the Grass

Screenshot 1367862107

Vermillion City is always busy.

Screenshot 1367864010

Pokemon Center

But something that I found yesterday just REALLY blew my mind!!! It's a REAL Pokemon MMORPG~!!!

Hopefully all of you that are on here play more than just Pokemon, and because you are gamers, you know that an MMO is a massively-multiplayer-online game that is generally of the role-playing type. If not...well then I just told you :D

Either way...Pokemon MMORPGs have never existed...not really. There were a few image-based RPGs as well as a lot of all-text RPGs (role-playing-games), but nothing like this! From what I have gathered thus far, PokeMMO uses the ROMs of FireRed and either HeartGold or SoulSilver in order to function.

The landscape is that of FireRed, and the additional ROM then allows you to walk around with your Pokemon. Obviously, with this all being multiplayer, you can do numerous things with the other people online. You can trade Pokemon, battle, join a team to adventure together...all sorts of things! Your trainer Sprite is almost fully customizeable and you can buy more clothes and hair styles as you progress through the game...

...battle cinematics aren't that good, and after an hour or so of playing, your computer starts to lag...but those are just small details that I do not think you will miss. You still have the main FireRed storyline and you can name your rival and all that good stuff. You still earn badges and defeat the Elite Four, so really, there is nothing in this game that is new and unfamiliar.

The only differences to be seen in this game is that (as of right now) there is a very buggy breeding system (that I have yet to figure out) as well as the fact that you do not encounter and cannot catch any Legendary Pokemon. Shinies are still rare but can be found...natures do not really exist at this point, and there are a few other issues here and there.

Still...I'm not sure how long this game will be up since it does draw profit by the selling of in-game clothing via their giftshoppe // so my advice to you would be to get registered and start playing as soon as possible so that you can experience this amazing-thing for yourself.

Here is the link:

My Trainer name is add me to your friendslist if you join, okay? Lets become the very best, like no one ever was!!!

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