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I have found that a lot of the popular listings for Pokemon Games are actually the ones where someone has gone in and edited the Game (or played it) to unlock all of the Pokemon for the next player's use. For an example, the Pokemon White V.2 Games have all of the Pokemon unlocked + Event Pokemon (which are obviously Fakemon) // doesn't this take away from the actual gameplay?

These games have all of the Pokemon unlocked in the Pokedex, almost all of the Pokemon are level 100's and Shinies. I mean, doesn't this take way from actually playing the game and enjoying it? The point of getting Pokemon is to capture all the Pokemon yourself, trade with friends to complete the Pokedex, battle strangers to get stronger. I mean, this is a really SOCIAL type-game that takes a lot of grindng, and a lot of hard work. Sure, we have all used the Nugget Bridge Cheat to get Mew (when we were younger), and yes, we abused the power of the Missingno to get all the rare candies and Masterballs so that we could then become really high-leveled and Pokemon Masters. We even used the Duplicate cheat in Gold & Silver Versions to do the same.

Still, with the new games and the wifi-connections be able to meet people all over the world, and with all the Pokemon communities online that host trades and battles, and just a great time and a great way to make sit there and buy a game that already has everything unlocked, nothing to gain but breeze your way through, I think it just defeats the purpose and is totally pointless. I can understand a Fakemon here or there because you may have missed an event (like me who moved to Germany and missed MANY events), but to sit there and edit a game like's really pointless.

Call this a rant...but if you're going to play Pokemon, you have to put in the work for something. Don't sit there and brag about being powerful when all someone did was buy you an edited game and you did not do crap. I almost find doing something like this to be disgraceful and would hope that if you got an edited game, you would erase it, and start over on your own. Maybe I'm just old and take the motto's of friendship and growth too literal for the series...but I'm also a gamer, and I like doing things on my own because the fruits of the labor are all the more sweeter in the end (in my personal opinion). I dunno Wikia---what do you think?

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