Pokémon Survey!

So I often find myself being curious about the statistics over certain things…and with Pokémon having become a huge part of my life (again), you can see why all these questions have been popping up. I want to get to know the Community better, get to know how YOU play Pokémon, and maybe figure out why and/or if there is a trend between people in a certain age group.

The information down below is pretty impersonal really, and it mostly talks about your involvement in the Pokémon Franchise. Still, I am looking for 100% participation and cooperation from those who take the time to view this and to read through all my silly questions. I plan on writing a full-out report later on once I have collected a good amount of data. In the meantime, I thank you for all your help and ask that you enjoy!

  1. 1.       What is your name? (usernames will do)
  2. 2.       What year were you born?
  3. 3.       Who or what introduced you to Pokémon?
  4. 4.       What was your first Pokémon Game?
  5. 5.       First starter Pokémon?
  6. 6.       Why did you choose this Pokemon?
  7. 7.       What is your favorite Pokémon?
  8. 8.       Why?
  9. 9.       Least Favorite Pokémon?
  10. 10.   Why?
  11. 11.   What is your favorite Region/Generation?
  12. 12.   What is you LEAST favorite Region/Generation & why?
  13. 13.   Your favorite Legendary?
  14. 14.   Have you watched the Pokémon Cartoon?
  15. 15.   Do you still watch the series now?
  16. 16.   Why or Why not?
  17. 17.   Have you ever played the Pokémon TCG game?
  18. 18.   Do you still play today?
  19. 19.   Why or Why not?
  20. 20.   Do you read the Manga?
  21. 21.   Do you consider yourself a competitive battler/breeder/trader or are you just a casual gamer?
  22. 22.   Do you EV Train?
  23. 23.   Do you IV Train?
  24. 24.   Do you even know what EV and IV training are?
  25. 25.   Do you use the Nintendo WFC functions (meaning do you trade and battle globally over wi-fi)?
  26. 26.   Do you use Exp.Share to level up your Pokémon or do you Personally train each one via grinding?
  27. 27.   Do you designate one Pokémon to hold all the HMs or do you distribute them evenly among your party?
  28. 28.   Do you use game guides rather than try and beat the game yourself first?
  29. 29.   Do you feel this takes away from the gaming experience if you DO?
  30. 30.   Why or why not?
  31. 31.   Do you use any cheats/glitches to get high level Pokémon are a large number of rare items?
  32. 32.   Why or Why not?
  33. 33.   If you could be any Trainer in the world of Pokémon, who would you be and why?
  34. 34.   Do you plan on getting the new games when they come out?
  35. 35.   Do you download Pokémon ROMs to play on your computer?
  36. 36.   Do you find this an efficient way to play the versions you do not own?
  37. 37.   Do you recommend ROMs to others?
  38. 38.   What is your favorite ROM to play?
  39. 39.   Do you read Pokepastas? Why or why not?
  40. Lastly:
  41. 40.   Do you think you will ever STOP playing Pokémon?
  42. 41.   When would that be?

Thank you for all of your help. Sorry that it took me so long to write all of these down :)

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