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So, I have been wanting to get back and really write my own Pokepasta again (I was really proud of "Decisions" and so I wanna try again and maybe take things one step further). Still, I really have no idea about what I should do?

At first I thought I might try something that surrounds the epic battle between Ho-oh and Lugia, and then the burning of the tower with the Pokemon inside. It would be short and sweet, but it would still be something. Then, I thought about possibly writing something about another hacked game of sorts...

I'm not sure. It's so hard to come up with any original ideas, and even if you use props from the B/W universe, there still isnt much to work with since these games have such solid plots and storylines. To me, they do not leave room to stray. Still, I was just wondering since I lost inspiration for my PokeSlender series (I will eventually finish it)----I was just hoping that someone on here might be able to leave me a comment, really tell me what they would personally like to see in a Pokemon CreepyPasta, and etc etc.

Also...on an off-note, I was thinking of getting a Missingno tattoo somewhere on my body.

What do you all think?

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