My next major project on here will be writing out "PokeSlender"...a horror game and Pokemon Mod for the Slenderman games. It's not all that scary as a video game, but I believe that I might be able to make something out of it via a Pokepasta of sorts.

Also, you have to note that there are 2 different PokeSlender being a sequel of the events that happened in the first. I also have some playthroughs of PokeSlender to add to the Pasta so others can see where I drew the inspiration, though I will warn them that the playthroughs are pretty boring and not nearly as intense as I hope my writings will be. Starting work tomorrow will be a bummer and will limit my time on here, so I want to have a rather large chunk of the PokeSlnder Pasta done by tonight.

But unless I get started on it right now...well, that won't happen because there are still a billion things I have left to do this evening. Anyways, hopefully you will be seeing PokeSlender in the near future...and while we are at it...can someone tell me WHY the Pokemon Trollpasta was deleted?

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