For those that do not know what a Pokemon "FF" stands for Fan-fiction. Hopefully you know what a fan-fiction is...but just in case you do not, I will let you know that a fan-fiction is when a writer takes the idea of someone else (in this case it is Pokemon) and then makes up their own story with it. An example of a fan-ficton is where someone writes about Ash's marriage to Misty...even Pokepasta's are a type of Pokemon fan-fiction only in the horror-genre.

Well, before finding this site, I had been writing a fan-fiction on --- a free fan-fiction website where you can publish your own works and etc. for free // well, I was on there and writing a fan-fiction  about Pokemon Gold Version using my own set of characters with some characters from the Anime. Basically the original story was a lesbian love between Mia (my nickname) and Tasmara (my partner's name)---where Tasmara is a child who gets possessed by a Dark Pokemon and then disappears. Mia grows up without her best friend and crush, Mia's mother (May from the anime) makes her daughter swear off Pokemon training (which Mia does) until Professor Elm asks her to do a small favor for him and send her to Mr.Pokemon with a Cynaquil (which she nicknames Goldsabre).

Basically all that happens is Mia (whose father is Ash Ketchum) ends up going on this huge journey where she sneaks out of the house with this Cynaquil, decides to become a Pokemon trainer...chases Tasmara's shadow all over Johto, the two finally reunite, she saves Tasmara, the 2 fall in love...then she goes to Kanto on Professor Oak's request, recieves a Pichu egg and Thundestone from her father along with a note that says: "Maybe you can make the decision that I never could". Idk.

It was meant to be a really long series but I never got too far in it. There was too much confusion trying to follow the game exactly and it made the series rather dull. BUT I have now re-mastered it and have begun working on the 2nd version of this fan-fiction in hopes that it will be better than the first. I have intigrated new characters, new storylines, erased the Dark Pokemon and added in old characters from the games AND anime including RED and even BLUE (not Gary...BLUE). So I'm hoping this new fan-fiction works out the way I am wanting it to...once I begin work on it, then I will start posting the chapters as it all comes together.

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