Yes, I have returned

I feel...flattered actually. Seems some people really missed me.

It seems a bit strange because on the one hand, I never really thought I made much an impact on the original Wiki, but then, on the other hand, I realize this Wiki page was my life for the longest time.

I was not even an Admin on the this Wiki in the past, but would do everything I could to edit things, restore them back to normal, and correct people on their behavior if they did something that crossed the line. I wrote some Pokepastas which...people actually LOVED (I honestly can not remember ever getting such praise for them but the comments on them dont lie)- and I met some really awesome authors as well that started writing.

I advertised for the Wiki hardcore to get more members in, while my memory is not the best, I can remember putting in a lot of work for the Wiki and being really excited about a new Wiki where I was going to Admin. And then I kinda just "poofed".

But yeah, I just feel very humbled. ^^;

I may not understand why I was missed so much, but, you all are really sweet :)

PS= I already started editing and I might just start looking for new Pokepasta material soon!

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