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I know I have covered the topic of a Hoenn remake before...but I know that the possibilities of that happening are very slim // for one, GameFreak is moving past the original DS and moving on to the 3DS if ever there was a remake of the Hoenn Region, it would have to be on the 3DS.

Next...the third Generation Pokemon was where Pokemania began to fade the most. Sales for Ruby and Sapphire were really low, and Emerald did not really help. Also, 3rd Generation Pokemon got the most complaints even though the game had the most to offer of any Pokemon game (Secret hideouts, weather conditions, the option to choose your gender, 2 different bicycles, pokemon contests, game sync, and etc.).

So...looking at all this information, it is doubtful we will have a Hoenn remake simply for the fact that it was rather unpopular. Granted, if we did have a remake, it would be similar to HG/SS where elements of Emerald are implemented into the game as to mix all 3 games together and help them flow. Now...with all of this said, any opinions on the matter?

Personally, Ruby is one of my all-time favorite games (coming after Gold version and Red version), so I would love to see this become a reality. I wanna know what YOU think :)=====

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