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Suicune uses *Roar* // Ffffffuuuuuuuccccckkkkk

Most of us have had to deal with the three Legendary Dogs that roam the Johto Versions in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver of the Pokemon Versions...

And for those of us that know of them, have had to set them free, and then later on attempt to catch them, we know that they were the first elusive Legendaries in any game (later came Latios and Latias).

Basically, you set the Legendary Beasts free after awakening them in the Burning Tower...then they sprint off in 3 different directions and later are encountered randomly as you explore the Johto Region.

Shiny Raikou Entei Suicune event

(left)Raikou, (center) Entei, (right) Suicune.

Now...the random encounters are few and far between which is hard enough, but then the Pokemon flee the minute you engage into battle with them to lower their HP in an attempt to catch them. Also, if you make it so that they can't flee, most of them if not all three of the dogs have the move "Roar" and can then push you from the battle, and the hunt begins again.

So...I have never had an issue with catching either Raikou or even Suicune...but Entei, he is the real bitch. But, everyone is different?

Which one was the hardest for you to catch?

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