I should have probably asked this sooner...since E3 was last week and the announcement is now old. But, I was wondering what everyone thought about the announcement for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon that is coming out this November?

Personally...I think it's stupid.

I was not even really excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The story was only good towards the end (where it got super dark) and on top of that, I feel like they just changed too much. It never felt like Pokemon to me. Z-powers are dumb, including Zygarde in a region he does not even originate in as a way to make up for a lack of Pokemon-Z felt like a half-assed effort (not to mention all his new forms were weird). The lack of Gyms was not so bad as the trials could be interesting, but most of them were tedious.

I will say that the E4 was one of the hardest ones to beat in a long while...but I hated what they did with Alolan forms, and most the new Pokemon were pretty useless and not even that cool looking. Not to mention the Ultra Beasts...I mean, Pokemon that arent really Pokemon but are? Like, they are Pokemon from another world but not classified as real Pokemon because they are aliens...and you hear about them the whole game but don't see them until the end? Then you can't even catch them until post-game where you have to use special balls to do it? Then there is one ultra-beast that is not an ultra-beast at all but is actually a Pokemon? Makes no sense...

And yet here they are doing something similar to Black 2 and White 2 but with a game that really did not sink in well with most hardcore fans. I mean, I guess I am sort of relieved because I don't really want a Sinnoh Remake either...Gen 4 was my least favorite out of all of them and I thought they sucked...but I still think they could have waited to just make a new game altogether.

And I would be looking forward to the Pokemon RPG they announced if it weren't for the fact that it will be for the Switch only, and I don't even have a WiiU yet. Ah well. >.>;

But, I was just wondering what everyone else thought about it.

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