I guess I am just too old for stupid high-school bullshit (more like Middle School as I expect high-schoolers to be more adult-like as well), but, why are there so many trolls here? You like trollpastas, right? So go post them in an area made just for that.

We made a community here strictly for people tp post their works (real works) without judgement. A place where people can write to improve their skills, and they can all share and relate with the fandom which is Pokepastas. People come here looking for something creepy, something to make them scared. Granted, terrible grammar and shit-writing can be pretty scary, but all it really does is piss people off and drive them away to a better Wikia.

It's not only trolls posting trollpastas that urk me...but it's the fact that people have been going in and changing the good pastas, the ones that took actual work. They went in and edited my friend's stuff, then they had to go in and change mine into some porno cum-shot stuff and I did not appreciate it. People have to come in and ruina  good thing just because they have nothing better to do in the day but tug on their wanker. It's sad...I honestly find those types of people pathetic. They obviously need better hobbies.

Had I actual moderator abilities, this would have never gotten so out of hand. This place would be locked and trolls would be banned. But, I do not have those all I can do is do what little editing I can do, fight this war off and on, and ask one final time: "Trolls...please leave. No one wants you here. None of the serious writers here want you, or your spamming, or your editing to good works that people worked really hard on. That is all."

...either way, I'm going to start posting myself elsewhere since it can't be appreciated in this hell-hole that all the trolls created. -_-

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