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So, supposedly this is the next big thing that has come out via CoroCoro on Pokemon X&Y.

We are finally getting a glimpse of what the starting Pokemon will start to look like as they evolve. While typing on these creatures is still not known, I must say, I am actually really impressed.

Part of me is relieved to see this image because I was really struggling between choosing Fennekin (the fire fox) or Chespin (the grass-beaver-thing) at first when all I saw was their pre-evolution forms. Now that I see what their first stage of evolution looks like, I can easily say that I am starting to lean more towards Chespin than anything.

Sure it is not the look of the Pokemon that matters, but rather it is the typing, stats, and other things...but I am an old-school 90's player meaning that even looks hold some importance as to who is my party.

Anyways...I have still to do my research on this page and what else might have been released about Pokemon X&Y so this is all I have to say for now. But, assuming just the basics elements of typing (Fire, Grass, and Water), which one of these starters are YOU going to choose?

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