Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - E3 2013 Trailer - Eurogamer02:14

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - E3 2013 Trailer - Eurogamer

Wow...I have a lot of X&Y updates here. First of all: Fairy type has been confirmed!! Gardevoir, Sylveon, Jigglypuff, Marill have been listed as a few who will be going into this new type.

Also, there are 2 new Pokemon that have been presented to us: Vivillon the Bug/Flying type, and then Noivern...a bat-like Pokemon whose type is Flying/Dragon (similar to Altaria). Lastly, this new Pokemon game will not only feature all the old things we know and love, but now it has been made possible to feed and play games with your Pokemon like your own personal pet!!!

That's all I know for now other than giving you a link to the new Trailer:


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