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  • Imtheaura

    Ending beginnings

    May 10, 2017 by Imtheaura

    (Note, that I may be breaking a rule here that there is no unfinished pokepasta's, but im making this a page so I can add to it when I got the story done

    The story will be about a pokemon and what happens when a game is started/deleted.)

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  • Imtheaura

    "Char.. I need help.." Glitter could feel her concionsness ebbing away at each step she took. Char was worried about her, so he picked her up, and kept walking away from their hell. 

    Glitter and char were both shinies, so they were extremely rare and valuable, but clearly someone didn't know that..

    They were on this path, running away from their abuser, who hated 'special snowflakes'. He would constantly hit, punch, and cut them and do all sorts of things.

    He hated them, DESPISED them.. 

    But he kept them.. 

    Char remembers the big symbol he had on his shirt,  

    it was a red human letter.  

    It seemed he was mad because of something, but all char saw was a pink paper in the humans pocket, the day that he was kicked and punched.  

    Glitter awoke to Char…

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  • Imtheaura

    Preview to my pokepasta

    February 20, 2017 by Imtheaura

    "Wake up"  


    • ~~Story by Imtheaura~~*

    It was a boring, summers day, and my mom decided we were going to visit my grandma. Problem with this, is that its a 2-3 hour drive, and I don't have a game or anything to bring with me. so I just sat in the car, bored out of my mind, for about 10 mins or so, and my mom parks the car, and says

    "Wanna play a game?"


    "Do you want to play a game?"

    And when I hear that, all I hear is that we are going to play I spy in the car for an hour, So I asked,

    "Its not going to be one of those car games, is it?"

    "no, no, I mean a video game"

    "Oh ok, yes please!"

    So she drove us off to the video game store, where she grabs a pokemon blue cartridge, and a blue gameboy advanced. As we leave and pay the cashier, I …

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  • Imtheaura

    Something interesting

    February 16, 2017 by Imtheaura

    For some reason where I live, Its been snowing a lot where I am, so I haven't been to school for a while.


    Ive improved my art somewhat and Whatevs, but the problem is that I can't post it on the web, because I lost my tablet

    and my ART tabets pen :(

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