"Wake up"  


  • ~~Story by Imtheaura~~*

It was a boring, summers day, and my mom decided we were going to visit my grandma. Problem with this, is that its a 2-3 hour drive, and I don't have a game or anything to bring with me. so I just sat in the car, bored out of my mind, for about 10 mins or so, and my mom parks the car, and says

"Wanna play a game?"


"Do you want to play a game?"

And when I hear that, all I hear is that we are going to play I spy in the car for an hour, So I asked,

"Its not going to be one of those car games, is it?"

"no, no, I mean a video game"

"Oh ok, yes please!"

So she drove us off to the video game store, where she grabs a pokemon blue cartridge, and a blue gameboy advanced. As we leave and pay the cashier, I look at the game boy and cart, and I notice theres just a small black dot on both. I assumed that it was just drawn on, because they wanted to keep track of them.

"But why on earth would they want to keep track of these.." I think to myself

This is just a preview, um, please give me critique?! 

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