Not my pasta, but its getting deleted as a page. Im moving the pasta here for Tailsdollforever because they like it

Hello.My name is Mya. I live in Indiana. This story is about Pokemon soul silver. The day started like a normal day, I was 11 at the time, and I loved to play Pokemon Soul Silver version. I had already beat the game,and I was wandering around when my brother, Ken smacked my DSI out of my hand and yelled "You lazy mutt!Get your sorry body over here and help me with this board!" Then he ripped soul silver out of my DSI. "You meanie!" I yelled.soon, I had to go to bed. The next day, I couldn't find my game."Ken!"I yelled angrily.He didn't come.I went into his room and saw him.dead.on the floor. It looked as if 3 birds;giant birds, came in and mauled him to death. His body was scorched, as if had been burnt with flames,but it was soaked as if it had been dipped in water.There,beside him, was soul silver. I popped it in the DSI And was greeted with a black screen with the mangled cries of arcticuno, zapdos, motres, lugia, and ho-oh. It loaded and I was in the Lavender Town Pokémon tower. Arcticuno,zapdos,motres,lugia,and ho-oh's sprites surrounded mine. Arcticuno was bloody, missing one eye, and, like it was, was a shiny. It had giant rips and tears in its flesh, and was nicknamed RAGE. It turned to face me. Not my characters sprite,but me. It said,"why did you betray me!?Us,your ONLY friends!?? I trusted you!Heh,never trust a human... They gain your trust, then throw it all away..."Next was was named SORROW.It was ripped up,thankfully, it still had both eyes,but it seemed to be crying.Same as Arcticuno,it was shiny.It asked me"Why did you do this to me???What did I do to hurt you?!?"Then was Motres. it was named was also seemed to have been cut numerous times with a knife.It had no eyes, and the flames on it were replaced with growled "why did you sacrifice us!!??" It motioned to the others."That demon,we killed him!for ourselves!"it hissed like a snake.Next was lugia and ho-oh.lugia was namedPAIN.ho-oh was named HATE.lugia and ho-oh both said in unision, "We once would have died for you,trying to defend you, but that time has passed,and now we would die....killing you."the a text box popped up announcing " arcticuno used fly!zapdos usedg discharge!motres used flame thrower!lugia used hydro pump!ho-oh used sacred fire! "My blood ran cold.I watched as they attacked my sprite.she fell to the ground.a cut scene played,My player was in the same condition as my brother, and she was clutching her side.Then the screen faded to black.Another text box appeared, saying " This is your fate.".....silence....another text box "Mya died."...... More silence....... The last text box said" save data corrupt. File deleted."

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