"Char.. I need help.." Glitter could feel her concionsness ebbing away at each step she took. Char was worried about her, so he picked her up, and kept walking away from their hell. 

Glitter and char were both shinies, so they were extremely rare and valuable, but clearly someone didn't know that..

They were on this path, running away from their abuser, who hated 'special snowflakes'. He would constantly hit, punch, and cut them and do all sorts of things.

He hated them, DESPISED them.. 

But he kept them.. 

Char remembers the big symbol he had on his shirt,  

it was a red human letter.  

It seemed he was mad because of something, but all char saw was a pink paper in the humans pocket, the day that he was kicked and punched.  

Glitter awoke to Char flying acrost the johto reagion, with her held with his front claws, gently carrying her to a mountain, where they set camp.

Char looked around to figure out what the surroundings were. It looked like there was a lake from the left of the mountain, Some berry trees scattered here and there and, generaly looked hospitable. 

Glitter was awed at how pretty the place was. the trees that were covering the base of the mountain were shining with bluish-grey light,And the rivers were glittery with how bright the night was. Char noticed this too and sighed. 

"Pretty isnt it?" Glitter said. "Yeah, just wish we could've made it here sooner" Char says as he points to his scar on his eye.

Char remembers the time that he got that scar, that the abuser went too far one day.. 

That day, they were tied up to a wooden stake, and someone felt like taking their anger out on them, so as luck would have it,it was char that day who got the beating. The person kept hitting and hitting him, until finally char broke down. He started sobbing and sobbing and the abuser just kept hitting him over and over. He ended up getting cuts over his eyelid and other places because of how many times he got hit.


This is a preview to the reboot of The Shining Consequences Im planning to have it have more meat to its bones and much better dialouge than the original. Feel free to reccomend anything, since thats all I have as of writing this (And I plan to write more, seeing as so many loved the original.)With love~Aura