Hello pokepasta makers! im here to help you use the pokeradar  so you can easily find shiny pokemon! heres a few rules to remember:

1. do not use other key items while keeping a chain or you're chain will be broken

2. dont use the skates/bike or the chain will be broken

3. if you didnt know and are wondering how to use the radar you go in the grass (i deleted my game cause i didnt think about that......) then use it

4. if you encounter a different pokemon that you werent chaining the chain will be broken

5. if you encounter zapdos/moltres/articuno it DOES NOT break youre chain so dont sweat it

6. if you encounter a pokemon that was not in shaking grass and is a different pokemon it breaks you're chain but if its the same pokemon i dont know... maybe if you faint it

7. Bring lots of super repels (max repels are a rip off and dont keep wild pokemon away good enough) i recomend 200+

8. if you see shining grass theres a shiny there! go in there and you will encounter a shiny! good luck!

9. Reseting the pokeradar (reusing it after 50 more steps) DOES NOT break youre chain so its cool bro.

If you have noticed the music sometimes goes into a more hyped up tune. THAT RAISES THE CHANCES OF FINDING A SHINY! just reset the pokeradar and you might be lucky enough, finding a shiny pokemon.

So if you are wondering no i dont have a shiny yet and im hoping i will find one soon

please tell me if you are having problems and all that and i can help you!

Imtheaura out!

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