you may have noticed i am on here ALOT. its just i like to see new pastas if there are any and enjoy them but i havent seen people when im on..... OH THE IRONY!!!!      So if you see my morning blog read it! its very inportain info and all dat....    I found this game on my faviorite site and this is what happened once....

The mayor eats you for no discernible reason.

your probly thinking.. "LOL im... dying.... (gasp!)"  and i cant blame you LOL!

got another copy of a game cause the other wouldnt work and turns out the thing would keep making me go down and i tried options... nothing.  So i let my mom try and she said to wipe it and.... it worked.    Im so ticked off about that lol. i should  have known that was the problem but i never had a gamecube before so how should i have known? OH THE IRONY!!!!!!!! (again lol) 

got mega ampharos on x yesterday and im like OMGOMGOMGOMG FLUFFY HAIR SGLSFKMLKSMLKGMDLGMDLSKMGLM XD  and ironicly i cant find a shiny no matter WHAT i do. yet my brother  manages to find a shiny pidgey in firered *twitches in rage for my bad luck* arg okay im going to go end this and feel free to post your own ironic feelings in the comments :3 

Imtheaura out!!!!!

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