Katenka Nowicki

  • I live in THE MULTIVERSE
  • My occupation is YOUR OVERLORD
  • Katenka Nowicki

    I vas at a yard sale and I found a Pokemon game zat vas called 'Pokemon Bloody Gory Evil Scary Version'. Ze cover vas kind of scary and had a bloody Pikachu viz a Charmander's decapitated head next to it but I vas desperate for a new Pokemon game. "Vow, zat looks cool!!1 I vill fuckink take zis shit now!!11! Fuck you, losers, you get no money for it!!!1", I screamed at ze mozzerfuckers zat vere runnink ze sale before I fuckink took ze game vizout payink. I pissed and shat on zeir yard on my vay out too. Anyvay, I vent home and played ze game.

    Ze title screen popped up and it vas very scary and gory. Ze Lavender Town music played on ze title screen and ze character selection screen. Ze character choices vere a boy and a girl zat boz had bloo…

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