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    September 13, 2015 by Luckychibi fear


    This is Luckychibi (or Luckychibi Fear, on here), y'know, the grand ol' creator of this wiki and i just wanted to say...

    I'm not dead!

    Ok, i kinda am. I don't think i've checked this wiki since... 2011. When it was first made.


    So uh... Yeah! I see that the wiki has been taken over by totally cool people! I'm glad to have seen the wiki grow up, and i can't help but smile!

    That was the good news... Now the bad news.

    For starters, I made this wiki when I was 10. I'm older now, and much more mature, but I just wanted to throw that out. You can't possibly think that a 10 year old would be able to run a wiki all by themselves.

    Second off, I'm not very into pokepasta / creepy pasta anymore. I cannot help this, and i'm very sorry. I don't thiā€¦

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