This is Luckychibi (or Luckychibi Fear, on here), y'know, the grand ol' creator of this wiki and i just wanted to say...

I'm not dead!

Ok, i kinda am. I don't think i've checked this wiki since... 2011. When it was first made.


So uh... Yeah! I see that the wiki has been taken over by totally cool people! I'm glad to have seen the wiki grow up, and i can't help but smile!

That was the good news... Now the bad news.

For starters, I made this wiki when I was 10. I'm older now, and much more mature, but I just wanted to throw that out. You can't possibly think that a 10 year old would be able to run a wiki all by themselves.

Second off, I'm not very into pokepasta / creepy pasta anymore. I cannot help this, and i'm very sorry. I don't think i'll be taking over the leader positions or anything, because frankly, i'm not cut out for it. I'd rather let someone who actually ENJOYS pokepasta and the wiki lead this. 

I do have a deviantart, , i'm very active there.

I hope you all forgive me, I decided that you all deserved an explanation. 

If you wish to talk to me, simply comment : )

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