So as my first time makin a blog I just wanted to say thanks for people ewho have helped me out in the past. Now let's get down to the general stuff about pokemon. First of all I won't be capitalizing once and second why wuld someone like Team skull's leader go through the process of training Wimpod whihc could have took long because of it's weakness and umm yea. I also think they should hva eadded more pokemon than they did for this generationa dn I'm also upset that theyd ddin't add in Megas! Sad but true. Now Let's try and wraap this blog a bit faster than usual with a quick and simple question, okay maybe 5 questions 

1 Which is your favorite ALOLAN pokemon?  Mine would be Alolan vulpix cz it;'s cute

2 What is your favorite Z move? Mine is the Decideye Z because it's an awesome animationa nd move overall

3 What is your favorite Alolan style gym leaders? When is Acerola because she looks like a fun and wierd person. Like ME!

4 Why am I asking questions? IDK, because I want to

5 Should SavageN3rdOkami just end this Blog? Oh wait that's me! but yea I probably should so yea.... I'm OUT!!!

The End

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