( it's here becouse I might make mistakes and I will make it page when it's no longer badly witten)

                                       Pokémon Sun

Joel was a young boy, about 8 and he loved Pokémon he played all the games except sun and moon, he didn't have them yet becouse he was saving up for them he also thought about it and he is going to get sun and he had a younger sister,they don't talk much becouse she is busy playing with her princess set and sometimes plays with Joel's Charizard model and pretends it's a dragon, and Joel is ok with that.

On his 9th birthday he opened up his presents and he got enough money for the game, he had his friends over, they had cake and the girls played their games and the boys did their games and in a few hours it was time to go, joel said goodbye to everyone and went to bed.

In the morning he got dressed,had breakfast and got his purse and went out after telling his parents he was going to the game shop, he brought Pokémon sun and ran home, he put the game in his 3DS And started it, he went through the first part and them he stoped at the part he chooses the starters, creepy sounds were coming from the game but he ignored it and looked up the evolutions of the starters.

He picked pipillo and it was a she so he named her princess and always petted her and feed her.

A few weeks later...

The game was going fine and he finished it and he petted and feed princess he then got out of Pokémon refresh and closed his 3ds to go to bed, in the morning he got back on after breakfast and when he went to feed princess but... princess wasn't in the party he tapped the slot princess was ment to be in but she didn't appear and she wasn't in the pc, Joel knew it had nothing to do with his sis becouse she has Pokémon alpha sapphire and alpha ruby and wouldn't touch Joel's things without asking...

To Be Continued...

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