A few years ago, when I got my pokemon pearl, I was in the parking lot and I found a pokemon diamond in the floor. I picked it up, which was probably the biggest mistake in my life. As soon as I got home, I started playing it but it would not start. After a couple of tries it finally started and i got to nuzleaf town. The game started like any other game, I chose Turtwig. It got on as usual until the 5th gym. When I got to the leader there was no one there, and I exited the gym, it was weird, I thought maybe I had to do something before getting to the gym but when I went out of the gym, the whole Hearthome city was deserted. I also notices the music was going slower and lower until it almost faded. I thought maybe it was glitched, but when I went to Pastoria city, I saw Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in front of Wake and the 5th gym Leader, I thought it was part of the game, that we would take them out one each, but when I talked to them all that appeared was a "..." I thought maybe something would happen with them after but the screen turned off and on, and they were gone. This time I couldn't even walk and all that appeared was a text box that said "you were too late" and then I was suddenly transported to the deserted Hearthome city, where the only thing I could see was a path of blood taking me to the amity square, in there I found Wake and the 5th gym leader in a pool of blood. I closed my nintendo and never touched that game card again.

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