An ice type pokemon that is shaped like a snow flake.

I have always liked it. It's just looks so cool, and I like the snow.

But the past is the past, and i'm in the future.

It all started when I got Pokemon White Version 2. I immediately got my DS that had bite marks all over it, thanks to my cat, and took out Lego Harry Potter 1-4 and put Pokemon White Version 2 in. I turned on my DS, petting my siberian forest cat, Vanellope. The DS started normally, with the echoing dings. I highlighted the game, now on the bottom screen, and press A. I scarcely noticed how the image for the game is a cryogonal instead of Reshiram while the game started. I do the whole intro sequence and go get my pokemon. I immediately knew something was wrong when I realized that the only pokemon to choose was a Cryogonal.

I got the cryogonal and battled my rival, who had a fire type. I won, but something was off. The cryogonal's cry was different. It sounded more like an 8 bit scream. This was so terrifying, Vanellope wandered off into my house. About half an hour later, I defeated Cheren, now having a Patrat and Purrloin on my team with the Cryogonal. I got my gym badge. Cheren said something that sent chills down my spine.

"So, you got a Cryogonal? I guess you must've been lucky."

This wasn't one of Cheren's lines. I heard the 8 bit scream yet again and the battle ended. Cheren stayed where he was. I didn't get a badge. He had a blue tint to him. When I talked to him, he just said "..." so I just left the gym. When I exited an exclamation mark appeared above my head as someone wearing a blue uniform, which made me think that he was a cop, ran over to me with 2 more cops following. "Stop right there! You are under arrest!" he said. I blinked. What? What did he mean?

I realized what he meant.

My Cryogonal killed Cheren.

I was suddenly in a battle with the cops. It was a triple battle with a a purrloin and 2 patrats. I sent out Cryogonal, Patrat, and Purrloin. Long story short, I beat the cops. I heard my Cryogonal do an 8 bit scream again, and the same thing happened. The officers where frozen. I went to a pokemon center and healed my pokemon, the nurse un aware of what I had just done. After that, I saved. I turned off my DS and went to my room.

I cried myself to sleep that night.

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