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  • StormidranH202

    WIP Pokepasta: Reset

    February 22, 2017 by StormidranH202

    ~ Are You Sure..? ~ This Pokepasta is based off the 'Reset Theory' of Mystic Messenger, where there is a character whose name 707. Error 707 is a dangerous computer virus. 707 calls his girlfriend as '606'. And 606 means 'Reset'.

    It's been years since I've touched my old GameBoy Advance. I've decided to check it out for a while since I just found it a few days ago when I was cleaning my room. The last time I played a game on that console was when I was 9, and now I'm 16. I still remember my old copy of Pokemon Emerald. It's been such a long time since I've played it.

    I turned on the GBA. Apparently Pokemon Emerald was still in the cartridge slot. 'Maybe I should check out my old, previously saved game,' I thought. I pressed 'Select' and I wa…

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  • StormidranH202

    Hello, everybody, Skye here! I see that this wiki is populating more and more, gaining more users week by week, day by day! And for this, I would like to wish everyone who contributed here a big, happy Thank You! I'm happy to see everyone working hard for this wiki, and soon enough, we'll hit 1000 pages! The elections are also soon to come, but don't worry. The more stress you have, the harder things are. Also, we now have rewards! The True Frost Award for example is given when a person has proven the worth of it, which is 250 edits. which will be uprising as more people join this wiki. Again, I wish everyone a Thank you, and, goodbye!

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  • StormidranH202

    As we all know, Luckychibi Fear, the founder of this wiki, has abandoned ship from here. We all could now assume that she/he is dead accounted. there is no link to any other wiki on her/his page, and we couldn't track her/him down anymore. So today, in honour of Luckychibi Fear, we all shall remember the day she created this wiki. Long live Lucky. Her/his comments were positive, and only a few were negative. We don't know what would happen without her/him.

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  • StormidranH202

    ~ Hello, Welcome To A Tutorial Page By Admin Skye ~ Hello everyone, Admin Skye speaking here. Today I shall discuss about Basic Writing. The ways of writing a good pokepasta is simple. The steps are below.

    • Put a smidge of horror into your Pokepasta

    Why? Of course, Pokepastas are spin-offs of Creepypastas, and this wiki was made for people to put in Pokepastas after PokeMon Category Add-Ons were banned from the Creepypasta Wiki. A smidge of horror makes it a bit more relevant.

    • Make your story sad.

    Your story would be awesome if it has at least a little bit o' sadness. Why? Because, have you ever read I Won't Leave You? If you have, that's good. I Won't Leave You is a classic Pokepasta created by Tyrin7. Its sad and horror in one. Go read it and…

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  • StormidranH202


    Date: 1st August 2015 - 31 August 2015


    • No bribing each other
    • You are allowed to invite people from other wikis to join
    • Make as many edits as you could
    • Make as many edits as you could,

    You are welcome to advertise this on other wikis! Copy paste the code below! 

    Join us on 1st August 2015 - 31 August 2015 for the official Pokepasta Wikia Election​​ Month! You are welcome to join this programme! Come one, Come all! We are voting for the best Pokepasta Maker to join our team! DeviantArters, Wattpaders, Quotev, Anything! ​Remember! NO MORE ENTRIES OR VOTES AFTER AUGUST 31st 2015! JOIN US NOW FOR MORE INFO!
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