So,  I've heard a few people complain about how hard it is to come up with original pastas.  Since its something I try to do a lot (With various amounts of success) I figured that it was high we actually had a place to dicuss writing pastas as well as a place to post them.    I've seen a lot of pastas with things like first draft  in them, and I figure that it would be a pretty decent idea to have a single place where not only could we work on our pastas and show them to each other, we could also share idea, comnment, and generally work together to create better and more fun pastas.

I am envisionin a place  where we can post our pastas prior to putting them here, work out all the problems, discuss them with other members and generally work with each other to make the pastas better than they would be alone.  I don't really know who else would be up for that kind of thing, but I can say that I at least would find it pretty awesome.  A reoccuring problem with my pastas is that I try to make them original, but there is a such thing as too original.    Its a fine line between making something new and fresh and making something so twisted out of shape that its not really Pokemon any more.

I don't know if anyone else shares similiar worries, but I at least thing that it would be a good idea to have somewhere we could post pastas before they were ready to go up on the main site.

What does everyone else thing?

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