So I started this, and for now I'll be posting it here in my blog. 

Have a happy read I think.

Shadow of  A Boy It was a day like any other. The sun was high in the sky, a small breeze gently blowing through the grass. My Pokemon and I were enjoying the area. I was leaning against a young tree, looking at the Pidgey's in the sky. It was nice to be in Kanto. I ran my hand over the short, soft fur of the Quilava in my lap and watched as my Absol and Flygon played in the flowers, Rapidash and Gardevoir were napping under the sun and Gengar was probably somewhere in the shadows, watching as it all went down. I had just closed my eyes for a nap myself when an unfamiliar voice startled me from slumber. "Hey, are you a trainer? Battle me! If you win, you'll get a most fasinating treasure." he had said, the voice, when my eyes were closed, sounded like an elderly man, but when I opened my eyes, a young lad stood infront of me. I rose one brow, "Are you sure little guy? I don't want to hurt your Pokemon if they're to underleveled." I replied. He scoffed at me and threw a Pokeball out, at my. A small fire from Quilava had sent it back at him, the small fire Pokemon didn't look happy at the action. And before I had a second to blink, Gengar was infront of me, arms spread wide. I was so confused, what was going on?A sudden gust of wind had brough dark clouds, covering the once peacful sky. I sighed and stood up, "Something weird's going on..I'm sorry to have to refuse your offer child, but I can't say I really trust what's going on at the moment." With that, she put her team back in their balls and started to walk away, all but her Quilava, whom was perched on her shoulder, wrapped around her neck. He nuzzled her short crimson hair and looked back at the boy, a dark aura pulsed around him. "This isn't over Soul..I'll have that power of yours soon enough." he whispered to himself and vanished in a cloud of shadows. 

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