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    Save me

    February 25, 2015 by Unowns

    When i was seven my mother gave me a forgotten gameboy color. The cartridge was silver version, i was so happy that i began to play it right away. I was too young to understand the words but, i kept on playing and it went fine. When i got into Oaks lab, i chose totodile, my first pokemon.

    The adventure went somewhat fine, but i remember that the text boxes were written in red like in the horror movies, i didn't understand the words so i didn't give it much thought. I evolved my totodile to Croconaw by constantly fighting level 2 Pidgeys and Geodudes, boring, i know.

    After i won against the gym leader of Violet city i went to the ruins of alph, i remember the song so well, it was creepy and i kept hearing the growl of my Croconaw. I went to s…

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