aka Shiny

  • I live in nope
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is Drawing and Writing
  • I am Female
  • XxShinyGirl04xX

    "Can't... let him catch us.... We must keep moving, or... he will get us..."

    This is me, an eevee called Ava, speaking. I'm so tired... My partner Amber the charizard and I have been running away from a Pokemon Abuser. Amber and I have been running for 2 days straight now. If we stopped for any break, we would lose our meager head start. I need to keep moving, but I'm just not sure I can make it.

    "Amber! I can't.. keep.. going... ugh.." I say before I pass out of exhaustion. Amber had to carry me farther from the human, and she flew to the top of a tree to fall asleep as well.

    If you didn't know, we are both shiny, so we were abused much more often for the trainers pleasure of hurting a living creature. When I finally woke up, Amber was flyin…

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